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Tihore mai te rangi
Tihore mai te rangi Clear the sky
Tihore mai

Mao mao mao te ua Cease the rain
Whiti mai te ra Let the sun shine

E rere kotare Fly kotare ( kingfisher )
Ki runga puwharawhara Onto the puwharawhara
Ruru pairau Ruffle your wings
Kei mate i te ua Lest you catch a chill

E rere e noke Flee o worm
Mai to pokorua Out of your burrow
Kei ki i te wai Lest it be filled with water
Ka mate i te ua And you will drown

Edited “Tihore Mai Te Rangi”- by Hirini Melbourne, Performed by Ria Hall
( I do not own music- but see links below of how you can get music)

Album: He Rangi Paihuarere- A tribute to Hirini Melbourne-
( Winner- Best Maori Traditional Album 2012 Maori Music Awards.)
Publisher: Black Media Ltd

Artist: Marcus Winter www.marcuswinter.co.nz

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Inspired after attending a drizzly dawn ceremony for Matariki ( Maori New Year) As the kaumatua spoke of the constellation, in the dark he finished by chanting this song- which Hirini Melbourne penned a tune to “Tihore Mai te Rangi”…which speaks of clearing the sky after the rain and allowing the sun to shine- in this instance bringing forth the new year…as he chanted the dawn appeared with light separating the darkness- bringing in the new year…”whiti mai te ra” – the sun shines..the rain ceased for a moment as we watched the rays shoot through the sky.

In this particular piece shows the maori tale of creation- how Tane separated his parents and allowed light to come into the world, he clothed his mother in greenery– Ranginui- the sky father would mourn for his wife- his tears filled up the valleys and became the rivers and lakes. Not all were happy with Tane separating their parents- Tawhiri Matea- god of the winds, was furious and dwelt with his father in the heavens- his anger can be felt when u feel strong winds, he expresses his fury.

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