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Weekly Review No. 232 (1946) [Maori Battalion Returns]

This film follows the return to New Zealand of the WWII soldiers from the 28th Maori Battalion. It shows various communities preparing food and festivities at local marae (Porirua is featured at the start of the film). Large quantities of food are prepared for cooking in a hangi up and down the country. Food is prepared for a huge feast on the waterfront, chicken, pork and seafood.

The soldiers disembark at Pipitea Warf, 780 men who fought through Greece and Crete, Egypt and Tunisia, through Italy and Fiesta. Their casualty rate was five in seven.

The powhiri consists of singing and dancing, songs and crying. The film contains numerous Maori songs and dances. Celebrations go on into the evening.

Soldiers returned to local Pa (traditional Maori family meeting places), and took part in emotional cultural ceremonies of reuniting families. Kuku Ohou is featured, a memorial to Jack Seymour who died in Libya. Ngaruawahia is the final welcome ceremony featured.

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