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Mataku was a series of half-hour dramatic narratives steeped in Māori experience with the “unexplained”. Two South Pacific Pictures-produced series screened on TV3; a later series screened on TV One in 2005.

“The Sands Of Time/Te One Tahua” tells the story of the Williams family who move into a new house that they have built and begin to notice strange things occurring.

12 year-old Nicky begins to see visions of violence and death and 6 year-old Caleb begins to behave strangely, blaming his actions on his new imaginary friend George.

When Caleb sets fire to his bedroom one night, the family find that he has been possessed by the spirit of Maori Chief who was separated from his lover. The Williams must then decide how to appease the warrior in order that he, and they, can find peace.

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