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Vincent Ward’s In Spring One Plants Alone Documentary (duration – 43 Minutes) was made in 1978, when he was aged 21. The film tells the story of 80-year-old Puhi, who lived with her schizophrenic son in the isolated Urewera.

The follow-up to this is his highly regarded Rain Of The Children – part detective doco, part historical re-enactment — focuses on Puhi’s life. She married the son of Māori prophet Rua Kenana, had 14 children, and after a run of tragedies, believed herself to be cursed. The excerpt goes “way out there in the bush” to the Maungapohatu community where Rua, “made the city of God on Earth”.

More Info – http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/rain-of-the-children-2008

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