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The following is done by maori performing artist Marcus Winter- a work in progress…

This sand art performance explores the maori creation story of Ranginui ( the skyfather) and Papatuanuku( Earth Mother), who lived embracing each other, while there children lived between them in darkness. After a period of time, after being tired of crawling between thier parents and living in darkness one of the children Tane, decided to seperate his parents. He placed his feet on his father and and pushed off and with his strength seperated his parents from each other.

Papatuanuku, his mother became the earth, Tane Mahuta became responsible for clothing his mother with beautiful greenery after their seperation. He became God of the forest and birds.

Ranginui(the sky father) would weep for his loved one from the sky with showers, one of the sons remained with his father in the sky because he did not agree with the desision to seperate them, his name is Tawhiri-matea- the God of the winds and storms, he sent down storms and winds to torment his brother…

Tiki is another icon you will see- this has significance as tiki is also known as the first man created on the earth.

Then Coming into today showing iconic Auckland places- Rangitoto and one tree hill, bringing us back into the gallery…..

Music by – Mere Boynton & Friends- Nga Tamariki O te Kohu & U2

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