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From the animated series, A Maui Te Tipua – Maui, the Enchanted.

How Maui Slowed The Sun

Based on the books beautifully written and illustrated by New Zealand author, Peter Gossage.
In Te Reo Maori with Eng Subtitles.

Te Reo – Dr Merimeri Penfold
Narration – Tawhirimatea Williams
Voice of Maui – Tawhirimatea Williams Jnr

Music – Richard Nunns, Hirini Melbourne & Aroha Yates-Smith
Audio mix and FX – Daniel Nathan

Thanks to : Peter Gossage, Peter Dowling / Reed Publishing
Jamie Bull, The Melbourne Estate, Tim Gummer / Rattle Records
Lucy Kapa

Animator / Dir: Shane Mason
Prod: Camilla Andersen

Other titles in this series:

How Maui found his mother
How Maui found his father and the magic jawbone
The Fish of Maui
How Maui found the secret of Fire
How Maui defied the goddess of Death

Books Available from Penguin publishing.

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