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This is the first official webisode of The Second Migration documentary (WA Edition, webisode’s 1 – 10), where we ask the question:

“When did you move to Australia, and why?”

Featuring: Jamie Schuster, Francy Pokere, Jamie Hohapata, Hemi Stevenson, Steve Thomas, Paula & Clay Petera.

The Second Migration is a documentary series for the web that will explore the migration of Māori people to Australia. This documentary hopes to provide an insight into the reasons why Māori continue to relocate to Australia en masse.

In pursuit of a better life?
Improved work opportunities and remuneration in Aus?
To join whānau already living in Aus?

Join us on our journey as we interview a number of Māori living in Australia, from varying backgrounds and circumstance, working in a diverse range of jobs from the mining industry to the corporate professions.


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