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I’m a Maori sitting in the sand
Got no money I don’t understand
Do I ever, ever get annoyed
No, Cause I’m a Maori (I’m a Maori)
I’m a Maori Boy

Boom bumped my head yeah I’m caught in a daze
See I’m the latest geek fashion testicle craze
would you look at my clothes and look at my faze
I play my Nintendo, every day.

See I get my clothes from the hokohoko shop
I shop till I drop and you know it don’t stop
Cause I’m a Maori, I like my boil up salty
watching the warriors in the back of the club g

Cool thing is no one picks on me
Cause I got to Massey university
I get side tracked pretty easily
But I don’t even care cause C’s get degree’s

My geek swagger it’s the jam
I can be famous like the oysters from bluff
Like Michael Jackson said “Don’t stop till you get enough”


I’m like Maui gonna pull up the sun
Chuck my hook in the island now that’s how it began
Till a Captain Cook came and brought his…..
And we said “Hey that’s a crazy religion”

But I don’t fight because I’m un-co as
But I know David Tua could give you the bash
All in his glory, see that’s another story
See I’m a just a Hori I ain’t got no cash

But I can dance I can wiggle my thang
See I’m a jiggley wiggley man
Yeah people think it’s right cause it’s a fabulous thang
But I ain’t no American


“Hey John Key look at me, I’m a Taniwha”

Lyrics by Jermaine Leef,
Music by Sonny Bishop with Jermaine Leef

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Directed by Lance Wordsworth & Jermaine Leef
Produced by Jay Tewake with Jermaine Leef
Camera Lance Wordsworth
Color Grade by Shae Sterling

Creative Inspiration:
Mika – Mika Haka Foundation

Music production by Sonny Bishop, Karl Moser and Jermaine Leef

Mastering by the master of the Universe

For corporate and general enquires:

Contact: Jay Tewake
Email: jay@thegeeks.biz

Considerations to our cohorts Smashbox cosmetics, Puma, The ice house our ape like cousins – (The Australopificus)

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