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Haere Mai by WVVLC – Waitahanui Viva La Crew

WVVLC stands for Waitahanui Vivala Crew, actually its the name of the groups hometown, nestled on the shores of Lake Taupo. Rapper Hawira Karaitiana explains where Vivala comes from ….it means being true to each other, a High school catch phrase that stuck. So now you know the origins of the name, lets talk about the group themselves.

WVVLC are a family, a whanau, cousins Beck, Maraea, Ngahere, Janice, Hawira and partner Hinemoa. Brought up with Maori culture and staunch community environment, WVVLC have a strong bond…We all live within walking distance of each other, and love the whanau aspect says Maraea.

WVVLC have been writing and performing rnb/rap/reggae music together since late 1998 and have penned over 40 songs to date, ….we aim to empower youth, promote positive and healthy kaupapa, and to revive traditional stories through the medium of music proverbs of the tribe/hapu of the region Tuwharetoa/Tutemohuta states Hinemoa.

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