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Greenstone and Gold by Riqi Harawira

Riqi Harawira Acknowledges:

Big thanks to Luke Berryman for producing her with me .Jacob and Junior Nansen for applying the dope Bass and keys to her.Tiffany Judge for her constant belief and faith in what I do.
Max volt productions for Producing the video
Mark robertson for directing her.Kate Cullum for intro to Mark
Riki Reinfield D.O.P
Piripi a.k.a Philip James for being the Gold in my Greenstone.Lara Jane and Alex Grieg @ Y for Youth
Jarrad Mckay for your work behind the scenes and as my business mentor,Michelle Nicholsen for hooking me up with Jarrad.Heta Hudson and everyone at Poutama trust for your support and listening to my heart and my words and not judging me on my powerpoint presentation alone lol.
Stephen Cook artwork and pics.
Roger Te Tai for be being Roger Te Tai.Raniera Harrison for your staunch Haka and
Jessikha Leatham Vlasic for your portrayal of a beautiful maori maiden.Kahurangi Taylor for just being beautiful.Amy toogood for bringing heart to the shoot day.
Angelina lee (makeup)
Brent Jamieson.Timoti Pahi.David Paul Middleton
This video is dedicated to my children Kress and Diva and to Team New Zealand for showing the world we are some of the best Maritimers in the world.

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