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Okareka Dance Company “Nga Hau E Wha” – full show 2012

Seven dancers roam a barren land, the earth cracked and the air hot. Human figures are transformed into unearthly creatures as they travel the world’s winds, its waters, its earth and fire as dancers dare to defy the constraints of earth’s gravit, to burrow into the earthly breast of Papatuanuku, and to bathe equally in her storms and tranquil depths.

Choreography: Taane Mete, Taiaroa Royal & Ross McCormack
Composer: Eden Mulholland
Dancers: Daniel McCarroll, Taane Mete, Bianca Hyslop, Taiaroa Royal, Jonathan Selvadurai, Carl Tolentino, Jesse Wikiriwhi.

Set Design: John Verryt. Lighting Design: Paul O’Brian. Visual Projection Design: Mike Hodgson. Costume Design: Elizabeth Whiting. Taonga Puoro Musician: Alistair Fraser. Technical Manager: Jonny Cross. AV Operator: Jason Longstaff. Sound Operator: Daniel Cooper.

General Manager: Rachael Penman. Assistant Producer: Natalie Maria Clark.

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