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Dan Mace was commissioned by Auckland Museum to create 2 projections with immersive soundscapes as part of the Moana:My Ocean exhibit, which runs at the museum until October 2013.

This piece, entitled Te Korokoro o Te Parata (The great throat of Parata) explores the ancient stories surrounding a fierce Taniwha who inhabits the Kermadec Trench to the north of New Zealand.

It is said that the in and out breaths of Parata create the high and low tides… and that if you turn your back on him, he’ll suck you to the depths.
Given the incredible depth, and active volcanic nature of this treacherous seascape, this is highly possible…

Concept: Brad Haami
Animation, Script & Direction: Dan Mace remote.co.nz
Edit, VFX, Smoke finishing: Lakshman Anandanayagam – creature.co.nz
Soundscape audio production: Joel Haines joelhaines.co.nz
Narrator: Ngaio Matariki Osborne-Mace

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